Blind Freddie is a party game popular in the British Paradise Islands, as featured in the Two Paradises fiction/fantasy realm devised by author Jonnie Comet. Edit

Concept Edit

The game is popular amongst small children and younger teenagers and is often played at doe parties. It is best played with no less than four or five people. One player is blindfolded whilst the others dance to recorded music. When the music is stopped at random intervals, the others freeze in place and the blindfolded one (‘Blind Freddie’) must identify at least one other player by touch alone. Sometimes playfully risqué conditions are added, such as the stipulation that anyone touched who was already guessed must remove some bit of clothing, to refine the entertainment.

The name and concept of the game are derived from the childhood game 'blind man’s bluff' and the Australian slang term Blind Freddie, for fool.

Appearances in the stories Edit

The game appears most often in stories of the Paradise Two domain, usually because of bawdy embellishments. In Girls Will Be Girls, Lady Susie promotes a game at her doe party at the Casino Arcade that very nearly gets out of hand.

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