Principal and secondary characters featured in stories set within The British Paradise Islands are given here according to their home societies.

Derby society Edit

Sands family Edit

  • Sands, Kevin
  • Sands, Robin
  • Sands, Catherine

Ford family Edit

  • Ford, Marlene
  • Ford, Madison
  • Ford, Mindy

Devon society Edit

  • Bolton, Victoria Jane 'Vicki'
  • Day, Chelsea
  • Eber, Dororthy
  • Kane, Albert
  • Townsend, Amelia 'Janie'
  • VanDevere, Caitlin 'Catie'
  • Vaughn, Emily
  • Waterford, Donna

Hewlett family Edit

The Devon Girls Edit

Hope Island society Edit

  • Ashcroft, Mary, Bss

The Vee, Strategy team Edit

  • Arcus, Karen
  • Arcus, Tiffany 'Tiff'
  • Caldwell, Lucy
  • Cox, Ainsley
  • Cox, Roberta 'Bobbi'
  • Fontaine, Elizabeth 'Bethie'
  • Grant, Evelyn 'Evie'; Hon
  • Grant, Stephanie 'Steffie'; Hon
  • Snead, Laura 'Ellie'
  • Van Loan, Claire 'Vannie'

Holloway family of Narnia Edit

  • Holloway, David B, KCMG
  • Holloway, Lynda Byrdsong, Ly
  • Holloway, Elyse Jeanne; Hon
  • Holloway, Matthew David; Hon

Hurricane Hole Society Edit

Includes those from dependent boroughs Vienna and Teaside

  • Dahl, Alonso 'Lon'
  • Hoffenbauer, Judith
  • Nightingale, Rhonda
  • Nightingale, Rory
  • Place, Tiffany
  • The Baroness (name not given)

Out Islands societyEdit

  • Maddie Behner
  • Lily Anne Behner
  • Treat Harper
  • Aki Knowles
  • Elizabeth 'Lissie' May
  • Augusta 'Augie' May

Truro family, of Northern Town ('NoTo'), Victoria CayEdit

  • Stuart Truro, ass't MP for Education
  • Stephanie Truro
  • Starla Truro
  • Skyla Truro
  • Storm (Oliver) Truro

Pirates' Cove society Edit

Rum Island society Edit

  • Beecher, Natalie
  • Creech, Pamela
  • Dyson, Prudence 'Pru'
  • Eber, John
  • Eber, Robert
  • Foley, Anne
  • Goddard, Kyra
  • Foley, anLange, Scott
  • Hend, Joseph 'Joey'
  • Kohn, Jason
  • Marchand, Suzanne
  • Onley, Stuart, 'Teen Scientist'
  • Tolliver, Carol
  • Wise, Matthew
  • Wood, Sarah Jane

Chesney family of Wold's End Edit

St Alice society Edit

  • Allan, Scotia; Hon
  • Eaker, Dinah
  • Grainger, Jadienne
  • McLeeson, Ginger

Tewce family Edit

Dahl family of Centre Street Edit

Somerset society Edit

Cavaliere family of Camelot Edit

Sugar Island society Edit

Flagg family Edit

Surfside society Edit

  • Baker, Corinne
  • Boerch, Nancy
  • Branthwaite, Brandi
  • Caruthers, Joan 'Joanie'
  • Cutler, Gabriel 'Gabe'
  • Henderson, Sally
  • Knowles, Carey
  • Meyer, Naomi
  • Nelson, Ralph
  • Petter, Virginia 'Ginnie'
  • St John, Gina
  • Schaffer, Stacy
  • Talbot, Jenny
  • Wells, Mary Gertrude 'Trudy'
  • Wilson, Heather

Trent Township society Edit

  • Perkins, Charlotte 'Lottie'

Cavaliere family of Knighthill Edit

  • Cavaliere, Paul Richard II, KCBE
  • Cavaliere, Angel Lysia Collina; Ly
  • Cavaliere, Paul Richard III 'Paulie'; Hon
  • Cavaliere, Pamela 'Pammy'; Hon

Other characters Edit

There are many more to be added; the reader may bookmark the page to see coming updates.

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