Principal and secondary characters featured in stories set within The British Paradise Islands are given here according to their home island and, as subsets, by social society.

Cavaliere family of Camelot Edit

Eden Island Edit

Derby Edit

Sands family Edit

  • Sands, Kevin
  • Sands, Robin
  • Sands, Catherine

Ford family Edit

  • Ford, Marlene
  • Ford, Madison
  • Ford, Mindy

Surfside Edit

  • Baker, Corinne
  • Boerch, Nancy
  • Branthwaite, Brandi
  • Caruthers, Joan 'Joanie'
  • Cutler, Gabriel 'Gabe'
  • Henderson, Sally
  • Knowles, Carey
  • Meyer, Naomi
  • Nelson, Ralph
  • Petter, Virginia 'Ginnie'
  • St John, Gina
  • Schaffer, Stacy
  • Talbot, Jenny
  • Wells, Mary Gertrude 'Trudy'
  • Wilson, Heather

Devon Edit

  • Bolton, Victoria Jane 'Vicki'
  • Day, Chelsea
  • Eber, Dororthy
  • Kane, Albert
  • Townsend, Amelia 'Janie'
  • VanDevere, Caitlin 'Catie'
  • Vaughn, Emily
  • Waterford, Donna

Hewlett family Edit

The Devon Girls Edit

NEHS, staff Edit

Hurricane Hole Edit

  • Hoffenbauer, Judith
  • Nightingale, Rhonda
  • Nightingale, Rory
  • Place, Tiffany

Teaside Edit

  • The Baroness

Vienna Edit

HHHS, staff Edit

  • Coe, Stephen (PISA coach)
  • Quinn, Melanie (HHHS coach)
  • Daily, Rebecca (HHHS coach)

St Alice Edit

Dahl family of Centre Street Edit

Somerset Edit

Lower ('Old') Somerset Edit

Upper Somerset Edit

Hidden Valley Edit

Pirates' Cove Edit

Trent Township, Cook Landing Edit

  • Perkins, Charlotte 'Lottie'

Cavaliere family of Knighthill Edit

  • Cavaliere, Paul Richard Jr, KCBE
  • Cavaliere, Angel Lysia Collina; Ly
  • Cavaliere, Paul Richard III 'Paulie'; Hon
  • Cavaliere, Pamela 'Pammy'; Hon

Hope Island Edit

  • Ashcroft, Mary, Bss

The Vee, Strategy team Edit

  • Arcus, Karen
  • Arcus, Tiffany 'Tiff'
  • Caldwell, Lucy
  • Cox, Ainsley
  • Cox, Roberta 'Bobbi'
  • Fontaine, Elizabeth 'Bethie'
  • Grant, Evelyn 'Evie'; Hon
  • Grant, Stephanie 'Steffie'; Hon
  • Snead, Laura 'Ellie'
  • Van Loan, Claire 'Vannie'

Holloway family of Narnia Edit

  • Holloway, David B, KCMG
  • Holloway, Lynda Byrdsong, Ly
  • Holloway, Matthew David; Hon
  • Holloway, Elyse Jeanne; Hon

Morning IslandEdit

Prince Albert & PAHS Edit

Governor's Harbour Edit

  • Eber, John
  • Eber, Robert
  • Foxfield, Stephanie
  • Ding, Natalie
  • Ding, Valerie

Out IslandsEdit

Regatta Cay Edit

  • Behner, Madeline 'Maddie'
  • Behner, Lily Anne

Victoria Cay Edit

  • Halder, Margaret 'Maggie'
  • Harper, Trea
  • Jones, Diana
  • Jones, Arturia
  • Knowles, Aki
  • May, Elizabeth 'Lissie'
  • May, Augusta 'Augie'
  • Palmer, Hayden
  • Wells, Colleen

Truro family, of Northern Town ('NoTo'), Victoria CayEdit

  • Stuart Truro, West Islands Commissioner of Education
  • Stephanie Truro
  • Starla Truro
  • Skyla Truro
  • Storm (Oliver) Truro

West Islands Edit

Rum Island & WIHS Edit

  • Goddard, Kyra
  • Tolliver, Carol
  • Hend, Joseph 'Joey'
  • Kohn, Jason
  • Onley, Stuart, 'Teen Scientist'
  • Wise, Matthew
  • Beecher, Natalie
  • Creech, Pamela
  • Dyson, Prudence 'Pru'
  • Foley, Anne
  • Lange, Scott
  • Marchand, Suzanne
  • Wood, Sarah Jane

Chesney family of Wold's End Edit

Sugar Island Edit

  • Kirche, Delilah ('Della Clarke')

Flagg family Edit

Other characters Edit

There are many more to be added; the reader may bookmark the page to see coming updates.

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