Thematic concepts in the Two Paradises fiction arcsEdit

The following is a brief description of literary devices and concepts consistently present in most of the Jonnie Comet-penned fiction using the Two Paradises fantasy/fiction realm as a principal setting.

Alienation of the readerEdit

Most of the fiction works associated with this setting deal in social situations which, by design, may challenge, puzzle and perhaps offend the Western-European and North American reader. Paradisian places and practices tend to be cited without explicit clarification to the uninitiated, mainly to emphasise the exotic quality of a place a first-time reader has not read of before (though many episodes are furnished with glossed text and endnotes, most from The Essential Paradise, for explanation). In this way the Two Paradises realm can (and should) be compared to an alien world in science fiction, or to Middle Earth in the Tolkien sagas, not quite modern Earth as we know it but strikingly credible to modern earthlings willing to accept it on its own terms. A view of the Two Paradises dichotomy may serve to illustrate some of the typical literary precepts.

Youth cultureEdit

One consistent theme, as included from the start in the author's vision of the setting, is that of the extraordinarily low age of social majority, as inherited from the aboriginal Polynesian culture, and the challenges and opportunities faced by young people making their way into welcoming, but eye-opening, adult-level freedoms and responsibilities. As literature this is not meant as unscrupulous exploitation of the lot of young people but rather as a theoretical exploration of the opportunities available, such as in recreation, vocation, education and socialisation, to people under age 18 or 21 in the territory. The pitfalls, particularly that of tourists' misconstruing what liberties they may take with those whose ages, in their home places, would make them out-of-bounds, is a recurring theme.

Jonnie Comet's interpretation and applicationEdit

Certain literary tropes occur frequently within the Comet-penned Two Paradises episodes and are worthy of application to other works as well. These include:

There are others as well.

See furtherEdit

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