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Eden Island is a department and one of the six major cays of The British Paradise Islands archipelago, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean, featured in the Two Paradises fiction/fantasy realm, as devised by Jonnie Comet.

Known as the second island, it is actually slightly larger in both population and in land area than Morning Island.

Eden Island is the principal setting of most of the Comet-penned Two Paradises story arcs.

Two secondary schools, North Eden High School at Devon and Hurricane Hole High School in Hurricane Hole city, serve the island's students.

Muncipalities Edit

Somerset Township Edit

  • Lower ('Old') Somerset
  • Upper Somerset
  • Hidden Valley, hamlet

Devon Township Edit

  • Well Valley
  • The Lanes
  • The Hump, hamlet

Derby Township Edit

  • Derby, borough
  • Surfside, borough
  • Dorset, borough

Dublin Township Edit

  • St Alice, borough
  • Dublin, borough

City of Hurricane Hole Edit

  • Hurricane Hole, city
  • Teaside, hamlet
  • Vienna, hamlet

Trent Township Edit

  • Cook Landing, borough
  • Inverness, borough

Garden Township Edit

  • Coventry, borough

The estate of Camelot Edit

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