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Michelle Marlene ‘Mickey’ Davies (b. 8 September 1979) is a Paradisian schoolgirl from Upper Somerset, Eden Island.

A longtime friend of Darby St Claire, and after 1992 a friend of Lady Susie Cavaliere, she is a frequent character in episodes and story arcs with the Paradise Two domain that feature Lady Susie.

Personal information Edit

  • Full name: Michelle Marlene Davies
  • Nicknames: ‘Mickey’
  • Birthdate: 8 Sep 1979 (Virgo)
  • Birthplace: Mercy Hospital, Hurricane Hole
  • Parents: James and Rita Davies
  • Nationality: Paradisian citizen, belonger
  • Residence: Somerset Township, Eden I.
  • Height: 167 cm [5 ft 6 in]
  • Weight: 53 kg [117 lb]
  • Figure: shapely, slender; B86 / W61 / H88
  • Hair: light brown, usually sun-lightened; wavy
  • Eyes: blue
  • Complexion: fair; suntanned
  • Ethnic background: English
  • Religion: Anglican

Story arcs: Paradise One, Paradise Two; 1994-2002

Appearance Edit

Mickey is by all accounts very pretty, having fair facial features, a long neck, a supple, slender form, an hourglass figure, and soft, long hair. She favours low-cut bikinis, notably (1995) a red one, her favourite colour. Though she appears rather comprehensively suntanned, she is not known to go topless to public Paradise beaches and is not an eager adherent to the practice of private attire.

Personality Edit

A Virgo, Mickey is noted for being at times profoundly logical, especially about intellectual or abstract topics, and more likely bubbleheaded or absentminded about more immediate and practical matters. Nonetheless, as a member of Lady Susie’s Strategy team, Ménage Maroon, she is known as a quick shot, a loyal teammate and remarkably fearless in game play.

Relationships Edit

Mickey is a self-confessed innocent about romance and relationships, regarding herself unready for even moderate dating. She has admitted numerous attractions to boys but is too ladylike to pursue them on her own and, of those who have pursued her, finds few who meet her standards for one with whom she would like to be a relationship.

Those with whom she is most friendly include Darby St Claire, Debbie Pangarth, Laura Ivey, Sherry Moss, Debbie Mansfield, and Jenny Talbot.

Mickey does not appear to have any curiosity about sexual intimacy with other girls, as have Lady Susie, Darby, Laura and some others she knows.

Interests Edit

Mickey does not play organised sports.

Her favourite musical artiste is Paradisian singer/songsmith Bridget Anstall.

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