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Sir Harvey ‘Hatch’ Chesney (b. 1950) is a Paradisian landowner and sugar grower. Edit

He is the son of retired RAF Wing Commander Henry Markleigh Chesney and Austrian émigré Ursula Schlosser Chesney, as well as the father of The Hon. Noemi Chesney.

Sir Harvey manages Chesney Wold (named after an estate named in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House), the sugarcane plantation started by his father, located just beyond Wold’s End hamlet along Rum Island’s northwest shore. The largest contiguous sugarcane plantation in the territory, Chesney Wold spreads over 425 hectares and its produce, typically over 140,000 tonnes biannually, accounts for over 25% of all sugarcane production in the territory.

In 1976 Sir Harvey married Kulianni Mulani, an original islander, in an Anglican ceremony. Following the birth of their daughter, Celeste Kure Chesney, in 1978, Kulianni became depressed and subsequently succumbed to a self-administered overdose of barbiturates. In 1987 he married Yorkshire socialite Edith ‘Edie’ Coe; and the couple’s daughter, Noemi, was born in 1989.

Sir Harvey is generally well-liked and admired, noted for a jovial, outgoing personality, sensibly conservative worldview, and a paternal concern for tenants, employes and the locals of Millbury and Caneshart. He attends church at St Athelstan’s at Wold’s End with his family and is fair-minded and responsible in local politics.

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