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Strategy is a popular mock war game played by many active young people in The British Paradise Islands, appearing in numerous episodes within the Two Paradises fantasy/fiction realm.

The game was devised by author Jonnie Comet upon his discovery of pneumatic paintball guns in the 1970s. As a proposed sport or hobby, it has received influences and elements from survivalist movements in the 1980s, mercenary culture, vigilantism, intramural sport, otaku culture, historical combat reenactment, and swashbuckling pirate films.

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The game is, in essence, a mash-up of several popular children's games, updated with the use of advanced tactics, rules complexity including espionage and deceit, game weapons firing physical projectiles, and substantive goals. Game tokens, often having real-world monetary value, are frequently a major part.

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The game is often a principal theme, especially within the Paradise One domain.

  • Wine Run
  • The Ball
  • The Scottish Ploy
  • All In The Game
  • Winners and Losers
  • 'Prisoner of War'
  • 'The Recruit'
  • Dawn Raid
  • 'The Vee'

The game also appears frequently as the background to events in Paradise Two stories.

  • Best Friends
  • The Perils of Pauline
  • The Seduction of Laura
  • Sunrise Surprise

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An entire section to The Essential Paradise, dating to the early 1980s and extant mostly in handwritten notes and diagrams, illuminates much of the Strategy concept, rules, goals and specific details. Recently rediscovered, this cache of information is being edited and added to this Wikia.

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