Paradise: warm, wet, wild. It's the locale of which dreams are made, the most exotic territory on earth. Edit

Remember: in Paradise, all things are possible.

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Map, of the BPI. General arrangement of the archipelago.

Here is the online presence for The Essential Paradise, the series sourcebook for the 'Two Paradises' fiction/fantasy realm.

The visitor is entirely welcome.  All information here is made available for readers, fans, animators, illustrators, writers and critics wishing to comprehend original content within the context of this existing framework.

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Introduction: insight into core Paradisian concepts as originally conceived, and subsequently developed, by principal author Jonnie Comet and others

Two Paradises: explanation of the two domains within the fantasy/fiction realm (vital for interested contributors!)

The Essential Paradise, series sourcebook: detail into key elements of the fantastic realm and its features and characters

The stories: key works of fiction, including the originating novels and novellae, with literary apology (explanation) and constructive detail

The characters: according to locality, as featured in location-based stories and story arcs

Common themes: explanation of literary tropes, or themes, typical of Paradise-based fiction, verse and essays

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