The Essential Paradise is a sort of fantasy-realm 'bible', compiled and edited by Jonnie Comet and Colin Bunge, containing pertinent details, diagrams, maps and illustrations necessary to keep cohesion and consistency in storyline details about The British Paradise Islands.

The British Paradise Islands Wikia presence is based on this sourcebook, having many pages coming directly from the original manuscripts and drawings author Comet has maintained since the 1970s.

A master calendar of fixed fiction events also exists, though frequently subject to change (largely through additions, not alternations).


The following topics in the online presence are organised according to printed editions of The Essential Paradise'.

1. Land and historyEdit

geographical details, maps, flora & fauna, sociopolitical history

2. Government and businessEdit

law & order, public services & utilities, governmental structure, population, commerce & tourism, land-use policy

3. TransportationEdit

road network, driving matters, public transport & schedules, vehicles including ferries and air service

4. EducationEdit

school data, student schedules, curricula, enrolment

5. CultureEdit

localspeak, theatre & music, sport, recreation, standards of dress

6. CharactersEdit

as peculiar to story arcs, family, locality, association with others, including illustrations

7. Camelot estate & castleEdit

data, maps, history of Cavaliere family home in BPI, including yachts & cars

8. Strategy, the gameEdit

game premise, known rules, weaponry and other accoutrement, team rosters

9. Specific homes, buildings and other structuresEdit

illustrations and plans of houses, schools, etc. (other than Camelot)

See furtherEdit

Introduction: insight into core Paradisian concepts as originally conceived, and subsequently developed, by principal author Jonnie Comet and others

Two Paradises: explanation of the two domains within the fantasy/fiction realm (vital for interested contributors!)

The Stories: key works of fiction, including the originating novels and novellae, with literary apology (explanation) and constructive detail

Common themes: explanation of literary tropes, or themes, typical of Paradise-based fiction, verse and essays

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