Specific examples of story lines within the Two Paradises fiction arc Edit

The following are the separate story arcs, novels and novellae featuring The British Paradise Islands as a substantive setting. Numerous episodes (shorts, as independent from larger works and typically published within 'deluxe' compilation volumes or as stand-alone electronic texts) exist as well.

Most of the original stories (penned 1978-1994) centre round the Cavaliere family of Camelot estate; so the others' relevance to these is provided.

See the Two Paradises page for clarification of the content of the Paradise One and Paradise Two domains.

The reader may note that nearly all these fiction arcs and series are actively being developed, with more episodes being released (in Amazon Kindle and/or paperback) frequently.

Principal author for all the following is Jonnie Comet, unless otherwise noted.

Novels and arcs taking place prior to settlement of Cavaliere family in Paradise (1982-1994) Edit

  • Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket
  • East of the Sun
  • Eden’s Bliss
  • Birds of a Feather (aka Round Egg Bay); by Angel Karin Archer

Novels and arcs taking place after the Cavaliere family settle at Treasurers' Cay (1994-2002) Edit

Novels and arcs taking place exclusive of the Cavaliere family (1995-2005) Edit

See furtherEdit

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Two Paradises: explanation of the two domains within the fantasy/fiction realm (vital for interested contributors!)

The Essential Paradise, series sourcebook: detail into key elements of the fantastic realm and its features and characters

Characters: as feature in various story arcs, with data, illustrations, personal histories (including Wikipedia articles, where applicable!)

Common themes: explanation of literary tropes, or themes, typical of Paradise-based fiction, verse and essays

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